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Therapy Specific Care + Disease Specific Care =

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Engaging Life...

Better Health For The Patient + Lower Costs For The Plan =

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  • The PraxisRx Client Difference

    Operating since 2009, PraxisRx is an industry leader offering innovative technology and support services to our clients. Praxis manages the true cost of specialty through a collaborative approach, oriented around meaningful engagement between clients, physicians and patients.

    Communicating with all Stakeholders … Coordinating all Care … Achieving Great Results

    • PraxisRx’s value is in its mission of providing care from a collaborative care approach. As a an independently held patient-centered Specialty Pharmacy, PraxisRx offers personalized interaction with our partners and is piloting new programs around the management of Specialty Pharmacy. Using our leading edge technology, expertise and partnership approach, PraxisRx works in partnership, not only to create a customized program that exceeds goals but one which revolutionizes the standard model of care in the following disease states:h revolutionizes the standard model of care in the following disease states:
      Crohn's Disease
      Cystic fibrosis
      Enzyme deficiencies
      Gaucher Disease
      Growth hormone deficiency
      Immune deficiency/IVI
      Multiple sclerosis
      Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)
      Rheumatoid arthritis

  • Leading Technology

    PraxisRx is not “more of the same”, it is the future of specialty pharmacy. Our technology driven collaborative care truly sets us apart from the competition. Through our innovative and comprehensive Mobile Application, PraxisRxHealth™, and our user-friendly website technology and integration, we ensure optimal communication, patient compliance, patient education and appropriate utilization.

    • PraxisRxHealth™ is a “live” interactive tool that employs physicians and other caregivers as needed. PraxisRxHealth™ allows our client’s members to “Journal” their drug experiences thereby providing feedback to their physicians. Patients can:
      record their progress and any changes in their medications,
      record how they are doing on their medication and record side effects, and
      track all medication history and activities.

      PraxisRxHealth™ discreetly display each patient’s:
      list of current medications (each of which can be opened to journal or to get drug information),
      prescription order specifics,
      number of doses that should have been taken to date,
      dosage alerts,
      timely reminders of doctor appointment or important tests, and
      optional logging of their adherence to the drug regimen
      PraxisRx is not a once or twice a month contact model, rather an “around the clock” partner ensuring the best specialty care.

  • Cost Containment Solutions


    • Through proprietary technology, the STOP program, guarantees clinical optimization over the life of the authorization, objectively managing vendor networks and integrating pharmacy “Buy & Bill” providers. This is accomplished by accessing the specialty drugs being administered and billed under the medical claims portion of insurance coverage.


    • Persistence rates for specialty drug therapies have been reported as low as 20% in published articles. Supported by institutional research, PraxisRx Drug Therapy Management program (“RxDTM”) identifies at-risk patients. Through the course of our RxDTM program, results are communicated on a Baseline Report Card, a Post-Intervention Report Card and via Intermittent Reporting. The Baseline Report Card shows baseline metrics for medication possession ratio (MPR) as well as relevant key demographic and risk profiling information. It also includes descriptive statistics for all disease states of focus for adherence management. In addition, it outlines the average estimated MPR stratified by major drug classes within each condition, beneficiary characteristics (i.e., age, gender, common comorbidities, etc.), and other descriptive statistics as decided by PraxisRx and our partners. The foundation of our patient RxDTM program's success is a result of:
      Accurate measurement of a patient's level of engagement;
      Complete evaluation of a patient's ability to adhere;
      Thorough assessment of a patient's understanding;
      Educational foundation provided by a clinical pharmacist;
      Easy-to-follow patient plan of care;
      Intensive personal support to address all of the patients’ needs;
      Written educational materials provided to reinforce disease knowledge;
      Adherence oversight and education to promote optimum outcomes
      Round the clock access to patient care coordinators, nurses, pharmacists
      Our Mobile Application, PraxisRxHealth™

  • Competitive Pricing

    PraxisRx offers strategic competitive pricing on self-administered and office-administered drugs to help our clients achieve cost containment goals.

    • PraxisRx has developed a customizable program to achieve optimal cost containment goals through competitive pricing and measurable clinical and financial improvements.

      PraxisRx provides complete transparency with our clients/payers. All services outlined in our proposals are included in our proposed pricing.

      PraxisRx offers aggressive pricing and various pricing strategies without dispensing fees. PraxisRx negotiates with wholesalers, manufacturers, and GPOs to secure the best price on specialty medications.

  • Customized Program With 24/7 Dedicated Support

    PraxisRx assigns a dedicated expert team to work with your organization to define expectations and develop a customized specialty program to achieve optimal patient and financial outcomes.

    • PraxisRx offers extensive experience in project management, implementation and member transition. We work closely with our partners to ensure a seamless, non-disruptive program roll out. We do this by assigning account manager(s) specifically to each client. These account managers are part of the deadicated implementation team. PraxisRx coordinates the development of all program communications with our clients, patients and providers. By logging into our portals, PraxisRx’s user-friendly website makes it simple for patients, providers and clients to access anything they need related to their program and services. PraxisRx conducts client, physician and patient surveys on a quarterly basis to evaluate the level of program satisfaction which promotes continuous quality and program improvement.